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Before writing in English, I first wrote about my adventures in my native Bahasa Melayu. I still do. Here are some of them:

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  2. Gunung ke Gunung II: School of Mines Tempat Bermain (From Mountain to Mountain: School of Mines, My Alma Mater), Wadah Siswa Bil.13/2013
  3. Gunung ke Gunung III: Lembang Yang Bagai Lukisan (From Mountain to Mountain: Lembang, Out of A Painting), Wadah Siswa Bil.14/2014
  4. Melbourne: Pasar Basah Yang Kering (Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market: A Dry Wet Market), Wadah Siswa Bil.15/2014
  5. Menonton Teater di Colorado (A Theater Buff in Colorado), Wadah Siswa Bil.16/2014
  6. Kota Sastera Pulau Benua Selatan (The Southern Hemisphere’s City of Literature), Wadah Siswa Bil.17/2014
  7. Memori Gastronomi Turki (Gastronomic Adventures in Turkey), Wadah Siswa Bil.18/2014
  8. Houston, Kami Ada Masalah! (Houston, We Have a Problem Here!), Wadah Siswa Bil.19/2014
  9. Kuala Tahan Yang Mengujakan (The Exciting Kuala Tahan National Park), Wadah Siswa Bil.20/2014
  10. Menemui Sunyi di Celah Gunung (Solitude in the Mountains), Wadah Siswa Bil.20/2014
  11. 21 KM di Kota Kinabalu (21 KM in Kota Kinabalu), Wadah Siswa Bil.21/2014
  12. Kembara Kafein di Syurga Kopi (A Caffeinated Adventure in Coffee Haven), Wadah Siswa Bil.21/2014
  13. Menuju Kota Purba Ephesus (En Route to Ancient Ephesus), Wadah Siswa Bil.22/2014
  14. Memasuki Kota Purba Ephesus (Into Ancient Ephesus), Wadah Siswa Bil.23/2014