Introducing the new Japan Rail Pass Calculator!

Photo Credit: Japan Station on Twitter

Chances are most Japan-bound travelers have heard of the infamous Japan Rail Passes offered by Japan Railways (JR).

Japan, whether you’re traveling from one city to another, or just within a specific city, is well known for its rail connectivity. It’s almost a novelty to ride of any of the Japanese trains, and to be honest, long distance train travel and multiple train rides could be very expensive. So here is where the rail passes come in handy. If you planned well, the passes could be maxed out to the fullest, giving you a huge bang for your money.

But choosing the right rail pass might be tedious, especially if your itinerary involved multiple legs and spans days. Most rail passes are valid for consecutive days, limiting your option to for a more flexible trip. At one point, you will wonder if you should purchase single tickets instead. Hence starts the painstaking works of searching for multiple fares and comparing them against all possible passes available.


I know because I’ve been there. I’ve done that, and some would say, bought the t-shirt.


So I’m so glad that Japan Station recently introduced its rail pass calculator.

Not only it would churn out the most worthy rail pass for your multiple-leg trip, but it also showed the fare difference between the pass and single-ticket option. What more, the calculator does not discriminate, it lists down all JR rail passes with appropriate comments related to your trip.

So instead of just having one recommendation, you could actually consider many different combinations, whether purchasing different passes or complementing your pass with single tickets.

What a relief, eh?

I know I would be using it soon. No more entering each leg of the journey into Google Maps! Happy planning!

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