Scholarly sights in Imadegawa

Imadegawa was a little out of the usual visitors’ hot spots, but I found myself there on one late Monday afternoon. My destination wasn’t the Imperial Palace, which I visited during my first trip back in 2009 (where I touched the imperial gate wall and was subjected to a blaring siren with a loud announcement in Japan – don’t ask), but Doshisha Daigaku (University).

It is one of the most international-student-friendly universities in Japan, with postgraduate programs taught in English offered, particularly in my area of interest – the liberal arts. Still, my intended specialization (Japanese Studies with further specialization in modern Japanese Literature), is taught in Japanese.

I spent around one hour wandering around the campus grounds – soaking in the scholarly atmosphere and admiring the mostly Western-styled buildings. I walked into a café in one of the buildings and ordered coffee to go. With the iced latte in hand, I sat on a bench facing the main boulevard (pedestrian, cyclist-only) to enjoy the view.

To this day, I still harbor the wish to do my PhD in Japan one day. Visiting universities keep that dream alive.

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