A train otaku in denial

I denied it when Tomi-san asked if I were a train otaku. “No, not otaku,” I said, probably a little too quickly, when we stopped for a photo on the rail track of the JR Furano Line in Biei, Hokkaido. “I just like them.”

The word otaku scared the hell out me, mostly because of all the negative connotations it carries. But still, has a Japanese trains’ fan, I’m still nowhere near otaku level. I like travelling by trains (in Japan, especially) and looking at different trains’ photos but that are the only length I would go for my so-called obsessions.

So, after many years of contemplating, I decided to appease my fondness of Japanese trains, I got a Japan Rail Pass in fall of 2014 and travelled extensively from Osaka to Hiroshima to Nagasaki to Hiroshima to Nagoya to Takayama to Kyoto to Osaka in a matter of six days.

It was a one hectic trip, and at one point I did wish I had more time in each city/town, but the joy of riding various shinkansens, express and local trains compensated that. I wish to do another train trip soon, but by taking slower trains this time.

Then maybe I could get upgraded on the otaku level.

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